Lamb and Maddux, LLC. Forensic Psychology and Expert Testimony

"Opposition can always challenge the facts, but should never convert them."

Welcome to Lamb and Maddux, LLC. I hope you'll find this website to be informative in your search for a psychologist with a specialization in Forensic Psychology. Before anything else, I am a practicing psychologist. However, I've also gained an understanding of the legal system, data as legal evidence, ethics in the context of legal systems, the principles and methods of forensic mental-health assessment and more. I hope you'll give Lamb and Maddux, LLC. the opportunity to make good on your interest.

Dr. Maddux has successfully completed, in its entirety, the Forensic Psychology Written Examination CE Activity sponsored by the ABPP.
Dr. Maddux has practiced forensic psychology at two agencies and three prisons. His competence in psychological assessment was vetted by state boards, the NY 18B & others.

Dr. Maddux completes close to 400 mental-health assessments per year. Many of these are court-ordered. He has testified in federal court and various state courts.
Dr. Maddux's Predoctoral Internship at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School had a forensic concentration. He also received years of training at a forensic trauma center.