Lamb & Maddux, LLC
Lamb and Maddux, LLC. Forensic Psychology and Expert Testimony
Expert testimony is permanent and cannot be undone. It’s on the record, in the minds of jurors, out of your hands, and can cost you your case. So, your expert has just been asked that critical and unexpected question, which by definition, you couldn’t have prepped him to anticipate. Question: Does your expert take this moment as seriously as you do?

Lamb&Maddux, LLC is the forensic psychology practice whose services are built to prevail over opposition. To be this practice, I take forensic assessment as seriously as you take your case, and will not let my findings be distorted in your adversary’s pursuit of a win.

Opposition will always challenge the facts, but never convert them. I use psychological testing, structured interviews, malingering assessment, and research on psychology, jurors, testimony, and the law so my examination results prevail over merely clever cross-examination questions.

I am the originator of this practice and I hope you'll give me the opportunity to make good on your interest. I will personally help you through the process of finding the best expert or psychotherapist to meet your needs. If it’s us, I’ll tell you, and if it’s not, I’ll tell you that too. You can call me directly at (212) 810-6365, or email me at

Thank You,

Dr. Jemour Maddux, Psy.D.